My new educational technology page is called Geek Files It lists all my tech pages and bilingual Web Quests.

Search Engines
The Open Directory is a volunteer edited directory similar to Yahoo, but without the ads. Its education sections are particularly good. The Open Directory is also available at Netscape.
Yahoo organizes their sites with subject headings, like a library. The sites you find with Yahoo are more likely to be relevant. Yahooligans allows you to find web sites which are appropriate for children.
These are two search engines which allow you to search for Spanish-language sites.
"Ask Jeeves" is a very easy search engine to use. You phrase your search as a question, and Jeeves selects a few interesting sites for you.
Dogpile searches many search engines simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time when you are looking for something specific.
The Mining Company searches the web for you, and collects good resources at a single site. This can cut down your search time significantly. The two sites above are for the Elementary Education and ESL/Bilingual pages.

Lesson Plans & Educator Resources
Easy computer activities which will get you started incorporating technology into the curriculum.
These four addresses point to big teacher sites. Here you can find lesson plan ideas, articles, and curriculum resources from the Internet to use in the classroom.
Five searchable lesson plan sites.
Another lesson plan & activity site, mainly concerned with environmental issues, human rights, and social action.
Links to Spanish language arts and science resources.
The Craft exchange has a large collection of creative craft ideas.
The Montana Vista Primary home page.

Space, Solar System, & Stars
Space science resources for grades K-6, including information about the solar system, astronauts, meteors, comets, and backyard science activities.
Two sites from NASA with information and activities about different space topics.
Space education materials for grades K-12.
Educator resources from Project Galileo.
From the government of Argentina, a Spanish language site devoted to different aspects of astronomy.
Photos of constellations of the northern hemisphere, and the current phase of the moon, updated every 4 hours. In Spanish.
Universo Online, from the University of Texas. In Spanish.
Photographs of planets and constellations.

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