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Introduction to LOGO Programming 3 (Arcs and Circles)


Students use ARC and CIRCLE commands and proper LOGO syntax to create geometric figures and designs.

      Identify and describe the characteristics of digital input, processing, and output

      Use interactive technology environments to manipulate information

      Use appropriate software to express ideas and solve problems

      Identify attributes of any shape or solid

      Describe shapes and solids in terms of vertices, edges, and faces

      Use tools such as real objects, manipulatives, and technology to solve problems


1.      Students open MSW LOGO. (Start>Programs>Microsoft Windows LOGO>MSW LOGO)

2.      Review REPEAT command from last week. Also review FD, RT LT and CS.

3.      Review the proper syntax for a repeat command: REPEAT 4 [FD 100 RT 90] to make a square, for example. Help students find straight bracket keys on keyboard.

4.      Introduce the CIRCLE command: CIRCLE 50 makes a circle with radius 50.

5.      Introduce the ARC command: ARC 180 50 makes an arc of 180 degrees with radius 50. Remind students about the concept of degrees, as it relates to angles and arcs. Use a pie diagram or similar visual to help.

6.      Have the students compare the results of ARC 360 50 and CIRCLE 50

7.      Have the students use the REPEAT command with the ARC and CIRCLE commands.

8.      Extension: Have students experiment with ARC, CIRCLE and REPEAT, drawing flowers, trees or other patterns. Review how to change screen and pen colors for more effects.



MSW LOGO (Installed on all computers)

Turtle spinner

REPEAT command (on bulletin board)

ARC and CIRCLE commands with proper syntax (on bulletin board)

LOGO commands (on bulletin board)

Visual aid for angles and arcs.


To repeat: REPEAT # [COMMAND1 # COMMAND2 #]

ARC 180 50 (semicircle)

ARC 360 50 CIRCLE 50 (circle with radius 50)

REPEAT 360[ARC 90 100 FD 10 LT 1] (try it!)