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Introduction to LOGO Programming 1 (Commands)


Students use simple LOGO commands to create geometric figures and designs.

ü      Identify and describe the characteristics of digital input, processing, and output

ü      Use interactive technology environments to manipulate information

ü      Use appropriate software to express ideas and solve problems

ü      Identify attributes of any shape or solid

ü      Describe shapes and solids in terms of vertices, edges, and faces

ü      Use tools such as real objects, manipulatives, and technology to solve problems


1.      Students open MSW LOGO. (Start>Programs>Microsoft Windows LOGO>MSW LOGO)

2.      Identify parts of LOGO interface. (Commander, screen, turtle)

3.      Teacher demonstrates the FD # (Forward) BK # (Backward) RT # (Right) and LT # (Left) commands. (For example FD 100 moves the turtle forward 100 steps, leaving a straight line behind. LT 90 turns the turtle 90 degrees to the left.) The command CS erases the screen and returns the turtle to original position.

4.      Discuss “right angles” as being 90 degrees. Students look for examples of right angles in the classroom.

5.      Have the students use these commands to draw a square on the screen. Explain that accurate typing and syntax are crucial. (See notes)

6.      Extension: Have students draw a larger or smaller square. Have students draw a rectangle using the commands. Have the students draw a triangle.



MSW LOGO (Installed on all computers)

Turtle spinner

Diagram of a square, with angles labeled (on bulletin board)

LOGO commands (on bulletin board)


It is important to remind children about spaces in the instructions they write:

LT90 or FORWARD50 are both wrong - there must be a space between the command and the number:

LT 90 or FORWARD 90 are both correct.